FAQs & Support


What are breaks?

Great question. Breaks are a great way to build your sports and trading card collection in a way that is customized to you. Instead of buying dozens boxes and hundreds of packs of sports cards, we provide a variety of breaks products that you can choose from to help you build your dream collection. Our breaks products currently offered are:

- Pick Your Team Breaks: Are you the biggest Yankees fan ever? Do you have more than one team you have been following since childhood? Have you always loved a specific player and now they are on a new team? Purchase a pick your team break and designate which team(s) you want. Any cards that we pull for that team during the break are yours!
- Tiered Breaks: Want to guarantee yourself top quality cards but don't have a specific team in mind or want to just build your collection? Keep things interesting with tiered breaks! All tiered breaks will guarantee you cards from a team in one of each tier available for your purchased break. Our tiers are constantly updating so check back often!
- Random Breaks: Want to keep things really interesting? Random breaks are totally random. Random cards, random teams, random products. We will roll on stream to get things started and assign options to customers and from there the fun keeps going.
- Personal Breaks: Personal breaks are just that: breaks just for you! Pick an item, buy as many as you want and we will open your products live on stream! (Please note that all personal breaks products will be sent as "ripped and shipped". Sealed products will not be sent at this time).

Breaks are constantly being updated and there are hundreds of breaks options live in our store now.

What happens after I buy?

If you have an account with us we will send you a notification when our breaks start, otherwise we stream every week on Monday-Friday starting at 4PM EST.
Any cards pulled for your chosen breaks product will be shipped to you within 2-3 business day after the break has ended.

How will I know when my package has been sent?

You will receive tracking information when your shipment is sent. We use USPS for all shipments.

Where can I see the video for the break I joined?

All previous breaks can be found on our YouTube channel.

What happens if I don’t get a card during the break?

Unfortunately this is a part of the breaking process. We hope to see everyone get the cards they are looking for, but unfortunately cannot guarantee results and sales are considered final. In the event that you paid for shipping, but do not get any pulls for your chosen product, any shipping fees will be refunded as store credit. Please contact us if you paid for shipping and do not receive any cards from the break.

What happens if a card has multiple players on it from different teams?

Please contact us for more information.

Where can I found out more about 718Breaks?

Come join our streams to watch breaks live on YouTube and join our Discord to interact and participate with our community of sports cards and collectibles fans.


Shipping is FREE for all group break purchases over $10. Shipping is not free for supply orders or hobby boxes.

We ship USPS first class. Estimated delivery time is 3 to 5 business days. Packages that exceed 15 oz are shipped USPS Priority. Priority is 2-3 days guaranteed delivery time.

Products are shipped 2-3x per week


There are no returns for items from group break purchases.

If you receive another person’s cards in error we will cover all shipping costs to have those cards returned and will refund you if we are not able to get you your cards.

Returns will only be accepted for sealed boxes and supply purchases if the items have not been opened and are still factory sealed. Customer is responsible for cost of return shipping for items in this event.


At our core, our team is made up of sports fans and sports cards fanatics just like you. Our amazing community and customers are what drive us. We are dedicated to our customers and always seek to provide an outstanding experience. Please contact us with any issues or questions by using the "Contact Us" form below or by emailing us at: 718breaksshipping@gmail.com