MLB Lucky Envelopes Volume 8

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MLB Lucky Envelopes are back!

Our newest edition of MLB envelopes features the same hit rate you know and love! All envelopes are numbered 1-100. For each purchase we will go to to draw you a number from 1-100. The corresponding envelope will then be ripped and that number will be removed from the list of remaining envelopes. All cards included are inserts, color, RCs, jerseys, autos, Slabs, rip cards or SSP case hits. No vet base! 


Chase Cards include Slabs, Autos, Rc's, , color, serial numbered hits and SSPs! All cards are from 2018-2023 other than a few select 50's 60's 70's 80's, 90s and early 2000s key Rookie Cards/inserts. Look for hot packs including multiple hits! This product is loaded! All cards pictured below are in this product. 


We will do our best to rip envelopes on the day of purchase. You will be messaged via discord or email when your break is set to go live and videos will be posted on our Youtube page.